Thank you Zeeky, really thank you.

I’m truly grateful for you and how much you’ve helped me in my growth. The world needs more of you.

You are so deeply appreciated



Your words “we will all be presented with obstacles, you have to decide how to deal with them. Let them stop you or climb over them to keep going to your goal.” Run though my head daily.

Thank you for your wise words during the yoga flow classes. Truly priceless.

See, I can listen and sweat profusely simultaneously

Zeeky Vincent is one of the best yoga instructors and guides to your best self there is on this planet!!

I am grateful for every second I get to spend learning from this great master!


It’s rare to meet someone who is both power and grace. To have the power to impact people in a profound way and graceful enough to use it for so much good. That is the essence of this man. My light has been shining brighter ever since I met you.

Amazing class to say the least.


Good morning Zeek!

I wanted to wish you a wonderful happy birthday. You are near to my heart and I’m so
thankful you are part of my life. Thank you for your friendship and mentorship. You are so


I know this is earlier than our agreed time but I wanted to wish you a happy birthday before your day started! I wish for this year to bring you all the things you manifest and dream of! you are the inspiration of many including myself- and have changed the lives of more than you realize. today is a day to celebrate you and you should do it up zeek style! I expect nothing less

love always maro


I’m not typically impressed by many people. However, this man is not just impressive he is exceptional. I was blessed to meet him less than a year ago and am so fortunate to call him my dear friend today. You have changed my life in every way possible and I love you dearly for it. Have a blessed and happy birthday my friend.

— with Zeeky Vincent.


The power of yoga. Thank you for enhancing my gift and love. I had a beautiful ZFlow with essential class today. Wow. Emotions were flowing. It was all about catching and releasing. I’m finding my groove.

Thank you! Happy Sunday!


Zeeky, thanks for those words I am confident that all you speak is the truth from the heart and soul of life. you are a unique amazing wonderful person. I’m going to use this “obstacle” to help advance my path in life. Instead of stopping me. You gave that advice during your flow class once I think it was right before we started chair pose

Thank you for an amazing class today! I am grateful for the love, joy, inspiration, and aspiration that you bring to my life through your teaching!

Zeek is awesome took classes with him many times. He really would challenge me.

I just admire & honor you so much, Zeek. Your just an amazing mentor always want & have the best interest for your students or friends. You are such a magnificent for others. No wonder you are loved my so much people, especially ME. You’re just too peachy.

I’m going to try and apply for the Maui TT and do a video and hopefully, I can get picked. I would be a dream come true to be trained under you again. Wish me luck.


Hello Zeek, I just wanted to send you a message to say I miss you and think of you often I’m so grateful for all that you have taught me and you are a blessing in so many lives… I am always in your debt and if you should ever need or want anything from me do not hesitate to ask love you always, Heidi

Weekly Monday text from Haylee again Zeek, thank you SO much for this weekend (this whole training actually) yesterday hit me hard (in a good way) and I feel like Iʼve just been able to realize a huge part of finding the real ME- thank you thank you thank you for sharing what you did yesterday about fears and moving forward.— the universe and god have SUCH an amazing plan for you and for everyone you meet lots of love! Have a good week

I’m cruising through town because I couldn’t miss an opportunity to study under Zeeky Vincent again! Feels so poetic that this falls one year exactly after my teacher training with him.

If you are able, please come to one or to all three of these classes next weekend. If you need a boost, Friday night hot yoga will enliven you. If you need sweet and gentle
restoration, Saturday morning yin with wine and chocolate will soothe you. And, if you need to let go of blockages and emotional wounds that are holding you back, Sunday Hip Day will allow you to heal old wounds and move forward while practicing patience and compassion for yourself.

Any class with Zeeky is time well spent. If you want to carpool, get ahold of me.


You changed my life through yoga and if I needed a bright spot in a crappy day I’d go to your class and my day was instantly better. Zeeky, thank you for being such a wonderful mentor and your class being my safe haven. Another fave was the nickname you gave me..



Good day dearest Zeeky, I talked with Jessica yesterday and we have scheduled my audition for Friday at 830am and I will be teaching the whole class! Your class on Thursday really helped me Regain that inner confidence, the last little piece I felt I had lost. I now feel complete! Iʼm feeling excited, confident, and super ready!

Thank you for being such a light, inspiration, motivator, and a mentor to me! Lots of love always!!!


Zeek, I am so sorry to hear about the hard time you are having. You, my friend, are a GIFT to this world that should be CELEBRATED! I am sure your mom would feel the same way and want you to be happy and celebrate your life! I am positive she is right there with you always. Her spirit and her memories lives on forever though you. So many people love you and speak so highly of you. It is clear how many lives you have touched whether they went though your training or just by going to your classes. I am very happy to call you my friend and please know I am always here for you. I am actually working by the TruFusion corporate (Same Buildings) now so we are very close if you ever need me =)

I will keep you updated on Susan. I went over her Mom’s house yesterday to visit her and we just took a walk around the neighborhood. She seemed better yesterday and we talked about how today would be. She is a very strong woman. I admire the both of you and your strength for going through such hardship. Love YOU Zeek! You are not alone!


Happy Belated Birthday to you, Zeek We all owe your beautiful mom so much because all of the people you touch and shape, including me, are so happy and grateful that you were born! I know you are still mourning the loss of her physical presence and it may never get easier but it still, in such a crystal clear way, shows the connection. And that is what you strive to teach us to create. So celebrate you, today and always!

Happy Birthday!


Thank you for being a part of my journey. Iʼm so thankful for you. Last night would not have happened if I hadnʼt taken a Zflow class years ago. Love you.